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NVA Mission and Vision

Nepal Vegetarian Association envisions national prosperity and International harmony through vegetarianism and non-violence based philosophy for the 21st century. It is noteworthy that Nepal has opened to tourism much later. Unfortunately, Nepalese Society, culture and environment did not secure true benefit 'from this shift. Instead confusion anarchy, economics instability, loss of moral and ethics of culture, decline of compassion and virtue, growth of money minded and self-centered trends in the society ,increased killings of animals, drug addiction , crime etc are some of the noticeable vice that have crept in and is still in growth in the undercover of so-called modern development.

So far, The whole world knows that this Himalayan country Nepal had been the seat of spirituality down from the ancient time. 2500 years ago the incarnation of compassion, Siddhartha Gautam was born in Nepal. Spiritually enlightened and virtuous women like Sita, Bhrikuti belonged to Nepal. Enlightened sage Maharishijanak ruled in Janakpur, Nepal. Jain saints such as Rhisavdev performed austerity at the banks of Kali Gandaki River who died strongly attached to a deer that he protected out of compassion in his ashram(Hermitage).Numerous Buddhist saints lived in this country for Spiritual Studies and austerity who at the same time cultivated great compassion towards all forms of lower lives. This is a country whose patron God is Sri Pashupatinath, the lord of the beast.This is a unique country in the world where very ancient chariot Festivals of Avalokitesvara (Bodhisattva Lokeshvara).
Rato and Seto Machindranatha, common to both Hindu and Buddhist is held. In brief, Nepal is a hub of Asian Compassion. Nepal being a physically different country with lofty mountains cannot afford to be glamorously and technologically rich like the rest of the countries in the world. As a matter of fact, we cannot strive towards the path of physical grandeur. But, learning from the past we can brilliantly shine in spiritual, cultural, ecological compassion guided by the ancient wisdom as old as the mountains. Nepal can give to the world most uncommon wisdom of compassion now left as the last straw from the ancient times. 
Nepal is the land of the gods, nature and temples. The geographical variation of the country north-south within a short span has rich natural and fauna corresponding to alpine and tropical climates. The whole ecosystem diverse and rich beyond compare.

The cultural heritage here, therefore, existed symbiotically with animal lives and human beings. This is reflected very delicately in the architectural artefacts of the Nepalese heritages.Nepal has a lot to give to the world in terms of serene nature, biodiversity, spirituality and culture. Nepal can here one can see people worshipping not only cow but also monkey god hanuman, the bull, naga .(a family of snakes). On the festival known as Tihar cows and dogs are also worshipped.The culture here contains a rich mosaic of human and animals symbiotically existing together. Yet, there are malpractices too out of ignorance, such as slaughtering of animals before a deity in the name of animal sacrifice. The Gadhimai Mela is another such festival where thousands of buffaloes are slaughtered. In the recent times due to modernization more and more people are becoming meat eaters. At the same time, alcoholism is steeply increasing. Due to rising demand for non-veg food is also getting popular. Animal husbandry practices are increasing empowered by the governmental grants and manipulating efforts of some NGO /INGO, This seems to be like a dark shadow just below the brightly illuminating lamp. We need to overcome these challenges. NVA has applied great efforts into checking these evils that are sweeping the country. Numerous temple sites are nowadays free from animal sacrifices. NVA is successful in promoting vegetarianism among the CULINARY ART - The flourishing tourism business in Nepal has fostered the growth of food and hospitality studies. Non-Veg foods are rapidly displacing the ethical vegetarian recipes in the social and commercial sector.

The steep decline of local and ethical practices of lifestyle is also NVA's effort to enhance veg and vegan practice in society is yet another major project. Nepal although relies primarily on agriculture, emphasis in this field is not adequately given. Chemical fertilisers and insecticide are haphazardly used in south Asian countries including Nepal although Nepal was a once a fully organic-agricultural country.According to scientific research, it is proven that a handful of soil is known to contain bacteria equal to the entire population of humans in the world. Therefore numbers of bacteria killed every time by the use of animal fertilisers are incalculable. Emphasis on life-friendly organic farming is what NVA envisions as a long-term sustainable project. This will also be helpful in incorporating vegetarian and vegan tourism in Nepal. It should be wise for NVA to help monitor the vegetarian and vegan ideals at the level of commerce and social entrepreneurship. Protection of animals rights, ethical treatment to animals promotion of vegetarian campaigns are some of the activities that NVA primarily emphasises.

ANIMALS EXPERIMENTATION - As science and medicine are becoming subject of top choice for the student studying higher education Science related faculties and institutions are increasing. This shall also practice of killing animals for experimentation. NVA actively disagrees with this tendency. NVA is preparing an educational awareness campaign in college/university level students in these matters.

ENVIRONMENT - Nepal is a country with rich biodiversity.The Nepalese culture too is strongly integrated with the feeling of the sanctity of nature. With the rise of industrialisation and materialism, the nature is rapidly getting encroached and destroyed on large scale. Culture, too, is losing its ground. If culture is destroyed nature is also harmed and vice versa. Therefore through complementary efforts NVA is striving to protect nature and wildlife. The wide range of natural habitat itself is the refuge to the diverse zoological species. The Nepalese citizen ought to act as its guardian.

HISTORY-The effort to institutionalise the movement of vegetarianism in Nepal dates back to 2005 when a few dedicated activists came together to form a team. In the earlier days most of the planning and gathering were held at Balmeeki Sanskrit College Kathmandu. As an animal activist and vegetarian, Madhav Niraula's role in setting up an institution accompanied by the motivational paper's prepared by Bharat Giri was the cornerstone to this achievement supported by highly committed vegetarian friends like Bhagawatshree Neupane, Santosh Rijal who are still actively associated with the team so far. Krishna Gurung later Joined us invigorating the program with his dedication and skills. Presently we have many vegetarian and vegan friends supporting our campaign. We also have a talented f.m. hostess Rita Limbu who is actively popularizing the mission at the pubIic level. Before the first president, Madhav Niraula left for the U.S for his studies, he entrusted Suresh Sharma to keep the torch burning. Suresh Sharma had been the guardian to this institution presiding as the vice- president. Since then Mr Suresh had been actively working in different positions to nourish the spirit of vegetarianism beyond the national borders into the international arena as well until it was handed over to the present president Mr Hari Kumar Silwal.
At present we have a growing number of vegetarian of vegan friends and executives who has been very co-operative to bring up the veg. the movement to the present status. We hope the vegetarian spirit shall attain greater glories and achievement by means of noble acts for our fellow creatures, as we go green, globally.

RESEARCH -Research on vegetarianism in Nepal incorporating local and global context as well is well realised by NVA its for genuine growth. Any social movement without research and study does not become well grounded and consistent at the contributive level. Therefore research study becomes essential in identifying deeper level problems and sorting out the problems at a wider scale and even planning for the far future. Work efficiency too shall rise if issues are well examined holistically. Failure of any mission is basically due to the superficiality of vision, mission and strategy.